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Park like a local wherever you are

AppyParking has collated on and off-street parking information across London and 11 of the UK's biggest cities. Our free app and website allows you to see when and where you can park and at what time of day. Check out some of its handy features below.


Real-time Availability

Tired of getting to a space only to discover it's already occupied?

AppyParking's real-time availability can show you live availability
of a selection of bays in Westminster and Coventry.

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Every type of bay for any kind of driver

No matter what type of driver you are, we've got you covered.

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Nearest & cheapest parking

AppyParking doesn't just help you find a parking space, it will show you the cheapest and nearest spot!

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Parking Rules Every Day of the Year

Discover controlled parking times on normal days,
bank holidays and match days. What a result!

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Daily cheapest and nearest petrol prices

AppyPetrol will show you the cheapest and nearest petrol stations in the UK. Updated daily, this feature can save you an average of £8 per tank across the UK, and up to £33 a tank in London! Wowzers!

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App Reviews


Brilliant app. Just what I've been looking for. Perfect for a tradesman that does jobs all over the place. Saves me so much time. It beats driving around in circles trying to find somewhere to park!

luis heard jerez

Would happily pay for this app but it's FREE. It even takes local event days into consideration when displaying parking restrictions. If you drive in London this App is invaluable.

AP Dasgupta

Brilliant app. So handy when you're in an area you don't know and need to park... fantastic example of technology being truly useful!

Ian York

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